Asset Management

Asset management is an antiquated, no frills, low margin business with low barriers to entry.  AAO distinguishes itself by bringing a new energy and providing owners with third party strategic management that focuses on efficiency, responsiveness, and innovation.

AAO offers expert asset management of residential and commercial properties. Leveraging our ownership experience, AAO understands the full life cycle of an asset from acquisition to disposition and everything that is needed in between.  We are able to create a strategic plan for your property and implement the plan for full execution.



Our scope of services include the following:

Asset Management

Financial Management

Analysis, Budgeting/Forecasting & Reporting

No matter how small or large a property or portfolio may be thorough budgeting/forecasting, and cash management are essential to maximizing profitability.  AAO provides every owner with a monthly analysis of all key financial statements and a formalized quarterly review of each property. This allows for on time financial reporting, optimal cash management, and best in class forecasting.

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Counterparty Management

Responsiveness is the key to tenant satisfaction!  AAO proactively maintains relationships both with all counterparties including tenants, third party vendors, and lenders.  Our goal is to work with only the best partners to provide impeccable service to our clients.


Capital Markets Management

AAO leverages its network to partner with a large variety of funding sources and intermediaries that can support AAO’s clients no matter what type of capital the situation may call for.  AAO has experience with the entire capital stack from first mortgage down to equity!  In addition we have worked with a variety of subsidies at the municipal, state, and federal levels of government.

Leasing Services & Cost Savings Analysis

Driving revenue and occupancy is a top priority for every operator!  AAO supports its clients to drive the leasing strategy, lead the selection and ongoing management of its leasing brokers, and/or working with ownership to handle leasing directly.

In addition to driving revenue must find other ways to increase the bottom line.  AAO believes that an effective asset management is constantly seeking ways to decrease expenses and run a more efficient property or portfolio. AAO will provide benchmarking and trend analysis to ensure the bottom half of the income statement for your property is outpacing the competition.