Strategic Advisory Services

Through its extensive network the AAO team is fortunate enough to interact with individuals and organizations that are actively seeking opportunities in a variety of industries.  AAO’s principles of integrity, hard work, and sacrifice have allowed our team to build up a level of trust with our clients and partners.  They trust that we are here to support them as they look to grow their businesses and trust that we can provide counsel in a way that no one else can.

AAO’s services have no limit and while our core strength is in the real estate, finance and small business industries, our reach goes way beyond.  We are an out of the box organization and love the challenge of finding solutions when others cannot.  

Small Business

  • Existing or new business looking for commercial location
  • Existing business looking to expand organically or through acquisitions
  • Seeking to connect with capital sources (debt and equity)
  • You have a business concept that has a handful of locations but you would like to create a business plan that leads to a franchising model and need access to capital.
  • You are a growing non-profit that has relied on funding from one source for several years.  This funding source is now looking to make investments in other initiatives and has only committed to one additional year of funding.  You need to analyze whether you can find new sources of funding to support your mission or if your business model needs to morph.

Real Estate

  • Have a development project or looking to acquire a property but need assistance building out your capital stack?
  • You are a faith-based organization that owns a property that has development potential but you do not have the expertise.  Do you sell? Do you find a partner and create a joint venture? 
  • You own a portfolio of properties that have mortgages that are maturing soon.  What is the financing structure that provides the most flexibility and lowest rates?  
  • You own a small to medium size retail property but your leasing team has not been able to find any tenants.

Financial Institutions

  •  Review the institutions risk scoring, credit rating, lending, investment and etc., practices and procedures to determine effectiveness and compliance with established policies and business objectives.
  • Work with management to develop strategies to grow loans, deposits, assets, businesses etc.
  • Providing critical advice around merger, acquisitions, asset purchases, exiting lines of business and divestitures.
  • Conducting industry, peer group and or individual institutional analysis to help maximize the institutions profitability or better position itself for survival.